Max Burger came to Dubai as the 17th burger chain in the city. Our audience already set their favourites but in our hands, we got a nice (and tasty) triumph: 8 out of ten Swedish preferred Max Burger out of more established burger restaurants. PEOPLE LOVE OUR BURGERS.

So we decided to address our campaign to burger lovers: all they needed to do was present a receipt from a competitor and they would have the opportunity to try Max Burger for free.

Max Burger. Meet your new love for free.


It’s not you. 
It’s me. 

The “Burger Break Up” concept followed the idea: a platform that in a creative and quirky way expressed how hard is to break up with the audience’s old habits, but once they’ve tried Max Burger, there would be no escape. Albeit sounds trivial in Western cultures, the break-up/divorce theme is still a taboo in Islamic countries, and it was a hefty way to introduce the brand.