Although Donnie had the great idea of asking the Mexican people to pay for his wall, in a matter of fact Donald Trump is not a far-sighted man (surprise!).

We wanted to remind him and the American People that there are still 193 other countries to pay for his acts of brilliance. Albeit he couldn’t stop to surprise us with a variety of creative solutions to the American Problem, we gave our own share of contribution: the bot assigned, every 6 hours, a random project to a random country until the Election Day. And since allegedly he has a fixation with China, China, China it was fair (new word for you, Donald) to called it the Chinese Trump Bot.


The TrumpBot in action


Censorgram is a Tablet App that comes pre-loaded with a series of 7 filters, each named after a country infamous for censorship. If you are curious to know how a particular article appears to citizens of any of these countries, all you have to do choose the specific filter and scan the article. The filter censors, replaces, deletes, reorders and airbrushes words, phrases, sentences and even entire paragraphs in such a way the reader gets a completely different interpretation of events. At the end of the article people are redirected to NGO’s devoted to free press and encouraged to make a donation so that this cause can be financially supported and sustained over a period of time. People can also sign an online petition that pressures these countries to removes their censorship filters and support a free and open press and share these manipulated articles on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, helping promote the Censorgram App.  We could also create a real-time-feed of the most trending censored articles.

Template Select your favourite Media Outlet 01 Choose a country
to see how the media
is censored in certain topics
Change the filter, change the outcome
of the censorship
Raise awareness to topics untrending with Censors worldwide 04

So far I’m still searching for programmers to make the database of the Censorgram. If you want to help or knows someone who could be useful get in touch at

All NGOs fighting for Freedom of Speech worldwide are also welcome!