The extra meter
to save your ass

Being without toilet paper put every human being at the same level. It’s the worst of any kind of First World Problems.

We make the first toilet paper “innovation” in decades. We add an extra meter of paper inside of rolls distributed in bars and other semi-public toilets. It takes only one person to make this idea viral: once we save his ass, he will never forget.

The invisible
Credit Card

Credit cards only exist in the current form because of a legacy technology: the credit card machine.

We give away wallets with a touchless credit card embedded. Not only we make credit cards easier to use as we also make OUR credit card the natural first option. (The same way nobody removes their agency entrance card ;) )

My Way 
A different kind
of navigator

Some people have fun driving and enjoy not only arriving but the path to get there.

Who decided the criteria to choose a route should be only ‘fastest’ and ‘shorter’? If you love to drive and own a nice car it doesn’t matter to arrive earlier or later but to enjoy the ride. Therefore a navigator with different settings is needed. ‘Curious’ to go inside the neighbourhoods, ‘Green’ to pass surrounding parks, lakes or the see and ‘My Way’ with user-defined features. After all the navigator should adapt to your mood and not the other way around.

Safe Distance
The best auto tech, now on FB

People don’t want to block their mums. They don’t want to block their bosses. But they also don’t want to be exposed.

We apply the ‘safe-distance’ feature existent in high-end cars to FB. Block your boss at work hours. Save your mum from accidental drunk postings. Not too far away nor too close: just the right distance.

The Tomatina Challenge
Tomatoes x Dolce Gabbana. Fight!

All stain removal advertising looks very fake.

We rent the most expensive dress possible: A Dolce & Gabbana/Gucci etc … name it. Very important: we do not make any insurance of our 100.000€ piece We take our model to Tomatina in Spain. She will take part of the festival as a regular, meaning she will be playing on tomatoes the whole day. We wash the dress. We deliver the dress back and the rental store is unsuspicious of what happened only a few hours before. We post our story.

Doctors w/out Borders
Support the side that takes no sides

Nowadays is difficult to tell who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy due to intricate international politics. Many NGO’s misuse donation money while getting involved into these political games to support their cause.

At this print piece, the international arena is shown in an absolute messed up way, with no ‘whites’ and ‘blacks’ anymore. And the most important: Doctors without Borders will always save lives no matter which political side one might have. If you, the donator, think every life is worth saving then Doctors without Borders shall be your choice.